Csanda-szer Kft.

Csandn-Szer Kft. was established in 2009. As regards the scope of activities of the Company, its main profile has become the installation of swine and poultry technologies.

Csanda-Szer Kft. statted to operatc mainly in thc poultry industry. Our Company has mastered the knowledge of the subject technologies and the professional craft of their installation in the course of assembling the units distributed by the company Big Dutchman.

Our position and competitiveness in the market has been significantly improved bv the fact that our activitv is not completed by handing over the works we have accomplished but we also undertake their servicing, maintenance and modernisation on a permanent basis. Naturally, we also undertake the development, repair and maintenance of the svsLems of other animal husbandry technologies. In both industries, i.e. in the ficld of thc swine and poultry technologies, we mainlv install the Big Dutchman technology. In addition to installing the technologies, we also perform the related electrical engineering and cornmissioning works. The number of orders placed to us has increased in the field of EU lenders relating to the modernisation of animal husbandry farms. In 2011 most of our works were related to such jobs. In certain cases our Company provides our Clients with senior mechanics, too.

Our Company has profQssional handheld and other equipment. We have been working mainly with Hilti machines for several years. Our Company has had significant achievements with its qualified professionals and by cooperating with assistant- and subcontractors. The business results of the past few years clearly prove that we could win the confidence of our Customers and partners. After fulfilling a given order we are frequently contacted again, which implics that the Customers are satisfied with the works accomplished by the Companv both in Hungary and abroad.

Based on our professional relationships, skilled colleagues and assistant- and subcontractors, our C.01npany has further developed its scopc of activities and if any steel structures need to be manufactured and assembled or any civil engineering, building services engineering, plumbing, gas and drainage fitting works need to be performed, we will be glad to be at the disposal of our present and prospective partners by flexibly regrouping our hurnan and technical resources. We have extended the scope of activities of Csanda-Szer Kft. by international road forwardino. Currently our fleet consists of 10 truck combinations out of which three have food containers and the others are supplied tarpaulins. The fleet has the following truck-semitrailer combinations: two Mercedes Benz Actross —l (year of manufacture: 2012), one Mercedes Benz Actross (2014), onc DAF (2015), four DAF (2014), one DAF (2010) and one DAF (2013). Currently the Company employs 36 mechanics, 10 drivers and 2 office-clerks.

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